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Welcome to Exclusive Wildlife Control! My name is Jim Richards. I am a Wildlife Biologist and a professional trapper who has been in the nuisance wildlife control industry, professionally, since 2010. I have helped thousands of people rid their homes and businesses of unwanted wildlife. Through my love of animals and the desire to help people , I have been successful in creating an honest business that I am proud of. If the time comes and you need to hire Exclusive Wildlife Control, rest assured knowing that you will be treated like family.

Target Pests

Nuisance wildlife pests can cause a myriad of problems for your property and health. We, at Exclusive, will schedule a consultation and devise an unique plan for your individual needs.



"We first called the company “Critter Capture” and had them come out to get rid of a squirrel that had made his nest in our gutter. After checking our attic and seeing that the squirrel had not yet made an entrance into our house, they told us there was nothing they could do. The guy didn’t even have a ladder to check our gutters! So we call Jim from Exclusive Wildlife & Pest Control. He laughed when I told him the previous encounter with the Critter Capture company and then proceeded to get his ladder (that he brought himself!) and take a look at our gutters and ensure that the squirrel had not damaged our roof yet and also took the time to double check our attic. No damage was noted except for the fire pit cover we caught the squirrel tearing up the previous weekend. Jim gave me two options on how to get rid of our furry new houseguest; we could capture him alive and release him elsewhere or set a trap similar to a rat trap that should kill him instantly. After much discussion my husband and I decided on the rat trap since the evenings here have been very cold and the poor squirrel may freeze to death in a live trap. Jim was so very patient as we weighed our options and was able to give me the pros and cons on both methods. After one failed attempt to trap him (the trap caught his tail instead of his neck) Jim text me throughout the evening to reassure me that he would get him the next day and that all would be OK. Jim returned promptly the next morning, set the trap again and was able to get the squirrel instantly. He disposed of everything and cleaned the nest out of the gutter. Jim was so very pleasant to work with I will definitely be calling again if any other squirrel decides to make his home here! I would recommend Jim and Exclusive Wildlife to anyone who is looking for good, quality, and prompt service. Thank you Jim!" ~ SF

"I don’t usually endorse a lot of businesses but want to give a shout-out to Jim @ Exclusive Wildlife & Pest Control! He just finished putting a sump pump in under our house and he did ALL the digging and installation himself. Met with him first to get rid of our � issue which he quickly realized was due to the standing water under our house! He came up with a plan tailored to our homes need and installed the ENTIRE thing by himself. Truly one-of-a-kind and all around good guy! If you have ���or� Jim is the guy to call!" ~ EM

"My fiancé and I lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment with our 4 year old female cat, Nautica. We brought Nautica straight to the apartment when she was 6 weeks old; it's the only place she's ever known. When we decided to move, we thought she would be easy to get into a kennel. We were SO wrong. She hissed, and growled, and swatted, and ran just at the sight of the kennel. I was afraid I would hurt her if I tried to grab her and put her in. Or better yet, I was afraid she would hurt me! I called Jim and he promptly returned my call the same morning as he was dropping his son off at school. We chatted briefly about my situation and set up a time for him to meet me and lend his services with catching animals. We talked it over and he decided welding gloves for his protection and a soft blanket for Nauticas comfort would be our best bet. He had her in the kennel in less than 3 minutes. Easy, fast, friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable service. The payment option of swiping my debit card on his handheld payment system was really cool and easy as well. Thanks to Jim, Nautica, my fiancé and I are now enjoying living in a big, new house! Thanks again Jim!!!" ~ K.G.

"Jim came out and had the solution to all of my pest problems! We've had mice in the house before, and I saw a rats in my yard - DURING THE DAY. We also had a bird get into our dryer vent. And we have a huge wasp problem. I told him what was going on and he got it all taken care of - he even cleaned out and replaced my dryer vent for me!!

I've got a new pest control guy and I. am. stoked. Thank you so much Jim!!" ~ S.F.

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