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Wildlife is difficult to keep out of your home, off your roof and out of your crawlspace. They always seem to find a way. I offer a service that I call "Habitat Modification". This service is a preventative modification of the shrubbery, trees, and flowerbeds around your home. These things lead to animal habitation and are called harborage areas. Trimming tree branches so they don't hang over the roof, removing climbing vines that allow animals access to gable vents and roof tops, and even removing pine straw bedding around flower beds and replacing it with eucalyptus mulch( natural repellant) can cut down on the wildlife that would otherwise find your home to be an inviting place to live are all methods of habitat modification. I can handle just about any landscaping task needed to keep the wildlife at bay! Call me today for a consultation.

When you hire a wildlife removal company to handle any wildlife problem make sure you pay attention to the initial consultation. If it takes 5 minutes to complete, you can pretty much bet the problem will not be solved. A thorough consultation includes an attic, foundation, crawlspace and roof top inspection.

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